European nationals in the Netherlands need to stand up for themselves

Are you a European Union citizen who lives in the Netherlands and would you like to have a voice at a national level?

Are you worried about the Dutch government’s policies that affect European Union citizens living in the Netherlands.

Do think there is a lot more the Netherlands can do to support the free movement of people within the EU?

Then join us. We are a group of European nationals who live in the Netherlands and think it is time our voices were heard in the national debate.

What worries and annoys us:

  • The suggestion that EU nationals be asked to sign a ‘participation contract’ in the Netherlands
  • The plan to increase the residency requirement to vote in local elections to seven years
  • The refusal to pay a cost of living increase to Europeans who built up state pension rights here and now live abroad
  • The 50-year residency requirement for a full state pension – this is the longest of all 27 member states
  • The refusal to allow residents to drive on driving licences issued by other member states
  • Insisting that EU citizens register with the Dutch immigration authorities (IND), even though the IND’s own information brochure states: ‘Registration is compulsory but if you do not register it will not affect your right to reside in the Netherlands because according to the EU treaty your stay will still be lawful.’
  • The general requirement that EU nationals give up their original nationality to become Dutch. But becoming Dutch is the only way we can vote in national elections.

There are 400,000 non-Dutch EU nationals living in the Netherlands, of whom 75% are of working age, and therefore paying taxes. Together, we can make a difference.

If you are interested in joining us, please sign up for email notifications and kick start the debate on Facebook and Twitter. We hope to organise an inaugural meeting of like-minded people in April/May if there is enough interest.




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